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General Rules - All Servers
1. No spamming. You will be muted, and if you continue to do so, the
mutes will get longer.
2. No using hacked or modded clients. List of allowed mods: link
If caught, you will be temp-banned for 4 days.
3. No asking for ranks, OP, items, gm, etc. We will mute you
or kick you if breaking this rule.
4. No advertising. Includes server IP's, server site addresses, etc. If caught
you will be globally banned.
5. Respect other players and staff. Fail to collaborate, you will
be punished with a mute, then a temp-ban of 1 hour if you continue.
6. No using excessive caps. You will be muted if you keep using
Caps when a staff member tells you to stop.
7. Watch your language. We like a clean server for kids to feel welcome
at so watch your language. If you excessively spam inappropriate
language you will be muted after a warning of a staff member.
8. When muted, kicked or tempbanned, do not rage about it which then
would lead to another consequence.
9. Listen to all Staff members at all times. ie. HelpOp, Mod, Admin
10. Please do not annoy other players or staff.
11.  Please do not use personal issues as an exemption from following
the rules.
12. We would like for you people to report any glitches to us so we can fix them
and make the GrandTheftMC experience better for everyone.
13. Cross server scamming is not tolerated, and the scammer shall
be banned for 3 days.
Creative Server Rules
1. No griefing.
2. No killing horses or other mobs.
3. Keep all role-play in the PartyChat. You will be muted if caught
role-playing outside of partychat.
4. Do not rage when denied from a plot.
5. Do not build any inappropriate builds. If caught, you will be
temp-banned for 7 days.
KitGUNS Server Rules
1. Do not try to get out of the map.
GTM Server Rules
1. No house glitching. Being caught will result in
a 1 day temp-ban.
2. If your chests are not added to your house. Please report it
on the forums with your Class number and the number. 
ie. Class 1 Number 4 ( 1 4 )
We thank you for reading the rules of the server and we hope for you to follow them. It will
be the best of both worlds if you live out by out server rules.